Blues Evolution
M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio (video)
Thursday, Sept. 26 at 1PM
Tickets: FREE with Reservation (weekdays, 11-4, 908.725.3420 or
Aiken & Friends Fest starts with a residency activity, FREE and open to the public, with the MSG Acoustic Blues Trio, discussing the evolution of the Piedmont Blues style, how it reflected life over time and how it has influenced music styles since. M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio has been together for fifteen years and has produced four CDs. Their latest effort, THE FLOOD, made the first-round for the Grammy nominations under the category of Best Traditional Blues Album. They are considered one of the top Piedmont acoustic blues (singer/songwriting) groups in the Mid-Atlantic region. M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio has performed at the Chicago Blues Festival, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion. The trio has played and taught at the Folk Project Weekend in N.J. and was featured in a live video Horses Sing None of It!, sponsored by the Folk Project. They also have been honored to perform at the annual John Cephas Piedmont Blues Festival, paying homage to their late mentor. M.S.G. will perform a few songs along with a Q&A session. The conversation will be facilitated by Roger Shutack, a former musician and producer, and program coordinator of RVCC’s “Music as a Mirror on History” series. He teaches American History and History of Rock and Roll and American Culture at both RVCC and at area men’s and women’s prisons.

JACKIE MERRITT is a multi-instrumentalist (harmonica, guitar, bass, uke and bones) and a multitalented songwriter and visual artist. In 2010, she, along with Resa Gibbs, was accepted into the Library of Congress “Americana Women: Roots Musicians – Women’s Tales and Tunes” as part of the MusicBox Project collection (some of which has been catalogued in the American Folklife Center).


MILES SPICER - contributes guitar and vocals and songs written with his writing partner, David Bird, form a significant part of the group’s repertoire. A native of the area, Miles has been a part of the DC blues scene since the 1980s. Miles cites as his teachers and influences John Jackson, John Cephas, Michel Baytop, Archie Edwards, and Eleanor Ellis. Miles took formal guitar lessons from Paul Bell, current guitarist with the Nighthawks.


RESA GIBBS - lead vocalist and percussionist for M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio, is known for her warm, soulful and heartfelt sound. A sought-after vocal instructor, she was honored by the opportunity to instruct/lead blues vocal performance classes at Augusta Heritage Center’s Blues & Swing Week in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Resa has made vocal contributions including backing vocals on several award-winning singer/songwriter’s albums/CDs.
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