5***** A theatrical treat. Richly layered, its sheer attention to detail is just staggeringly good. 'They Called Her Vivaldi' will leave you with a permanent grin… a most gorgeous night of theatre…so good you won’t even want to blink. Striking, stunning, superbly sublime.
They Called Her Vivaldi
Theatre Lovett
Fri., Mar. 15 at 7PM
FAMILY (Most appreciated by ages 7+)
All tickets: $10

Cecilia Maria is a sensitive musical-prodigy making a quiet name for herself in a cacophonous world--until one night when her magical, musical hat, “Capello,” goes missing. Now she must venture out into the noisy city to track down the mysterious Cat Burglar. Along the way she meets a pizza maker with no saltshaker, a gondolier with no oar and a hairdresser with no scissors. Her adventure brings her face to face with the sneaky thief and a startling truth about herself. Part comedy, part thriller, this new production is full of beautiful music and hilarious characters, celebrating the power within us all to follow our dreams.
There is a brief use of strobe lighting during the performance.

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