Our *relaxed performances were designed as sensory-friendly especially for children with autism or related conditions who experience heightened sensory sensitivity. In recent years, we have broadened this audience to include those, who for a variety of reasons desire a relaxed atmosphere, providing a safe and judgment-free space welcoming for all audience members.
The Bright Siders
Fri., Feb. 22 at
FAMILY (Most appreciated by ages 4+)
All tickets: $10
*Relaxed Performance
The Bright Siders present music that helps kids and families have meaningful conversations about emotions. Created by award-winning songwriter Kristin Andreassen and Brooklyn child psychiatrist Dr. Kari Groff, the Bright Siders feature excellent musicianship and skillful audience engagement. Andreassen had a #1 kids’ radio hit with the infectiously rhythmic “Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes,” and Dr. Groff is well-known in NYC and beyond for her warm and genuine approach to young patients and for the joyful music she creates.
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