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Any questions regarding these materials should be
directed to Conference Services at (908) 231-8818.


Facility use:




Full Complex



Nash Theatre



Welpe Th.



* A full tech rehearsal constitutes a performance. Second and third performances same day are 50% each. Maximum 3 performances/rehearsals daily.

Per unit charges:




$35.00 per hour


$35.00 per hour


**$28.00 per hour


$28.00 per hour


$10.00 per hour


$50.00 per performance


$225 per day (includes one tuning)


$150 per day (includes one tuning)




5% of total charges

INSURANCE (naming College as additional insured):

minimum $1,000,000




$27.00 per hour


$35.00 per hour


$27.00 per hour

** Applies to stagehands in employ of RVCC. IATSE stagehand rates will be negotiated separately between the union and the lessee.

Any questions regarding the above fee schedule should be directed to Management Services at 908.231.8818.


LESSEE: (hereinafter Lessee)

This is an estimate of expenses. Lessee will pay a non-refundable deposit of ______________, based on this estimate, and return a signed copy of this Agreement to the Office of Management Services at Raritan Valley Community College (hereinafter Lessor) by ___________________ in order for this Agreement to be binding. Lessee will pay the balance of ___________________ to Lessor on or before ___________________. Within five business days of the completion of the lease period, Lessor will present Lessee with a written statement of actual expenses and income and all amounts due either party from the other will be paid at that time.

Lessee will provide Lessor with a copy of the artist’s/presentation’s contract/technical rider, and the Box Office Ticket Building Form, if possible with signed lease, and, in any event, prior to the event being announced to the campus or the public. Lessee will provide Lessor with certificate of insurance by ___________________ .

The signature below indicates that Lessee understands the financial risk inherent in theatrical presenting or production. The Lessee certifies that s/he has read and reviewed this Lease Agreement and attached Usage Policy, understands and agrees to all its provisions and requirements, and is prepared to meet all financial obligations attendant to the event for which the theatre has been leased.

Failure to meet the deadlines outlined above will result in a penalty of $50 per day not to exceed $250. After five business days, this agreement will be null and void. Should Lessee wish to enter into a new contract, Lessor will be entitled to all payments, paperwork and penalties, associated with the event, prior to entering into said contract. Lessee may apply, in writing, for a one-time, two business day grace period. Granting of a grace period is at the sole discretion of Lessor.

Lessee will provide to Lessor a working schedule for the event no later than 10 business days prior to the commencement of the lease period. In the absence of said schedule, Lessor may opt to schedule staff coverage for the entire rental period at the sole expense of the Lessee.

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
LESSEE Director Conference Services
DATE ________________________________ DATE ________________________________


dep. rec.’d




check #


cert. of ins. rec.’d


cert. of nfp status rec.’d


sch. rec.’d





  1. RENT INCLUDES: The Theatre at RVCC (hereinafter THEATRE) will provide necessary dressing rooms, reasonably cleaned and containing appropriate fixtures such as chairs, lights, mirrors toilets, etc.; all lighting equipment (except spotlights) the THEATRE owns; all sound equipment the THEATRE owns; use of either the Nash or Welpe theatre (both when contracted) from 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM (except when usage has been arranged around other scheduled events).
  2. HEAT, ETC.: As part of this Agreement, Raritan Valley Community College (hereinafter COLLEGE) will provide heat, air-conditioning, electrical power, water, and normal pre- and post-event cleaning. Heat and air-conditioning will be controlled by COLLEGE and will follow all government regulations in effect for a public building.
  3. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS: No activities in violation of COLLEGE regulation, Federal, State or Local laws or the Board of Health shall be permitted on COLLEGE premises, and it shall be the responsibility of the LESSEE, while under the terms and during the period of this Agreement, to enforce this provision.
  4. TAX EXEMPTION: Not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations shall submit to RVCC Management Services (hereinafter MS) such tax exemption certificates as shall pertain. Such certificates will be required prior to drafting a rental agreement. Such certificates will be kept on file by MS, although the LESSEE may be required to re-file.
  5. FIRE/SAFETY CODES: The LESSEE shall comply with the provisions of the fire prevention code that prohibits smoking, flammable decorations, open flames, and explosive or inflammable fluids, gases and compounds. All sets, costumes, props, flash pots, laser lighting equipment, and any other materials used by the LESSEE must conform to all existing fire and safety codes. The THEATRE, at its discretion, may require that all such codes have been observed and that operators have the required license(s).
    1. PUBLIC LIABILITY: A single limit liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000, which includes bodily injury and property damage, must be provided by the LESSEE and furnished to MS not later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Groups with existing insurance may provide MS with a rider from the existing insurance. All policies must fulfill the guidelines outlined above.
    2. WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION: LESSEE shall carry workman's compensation insurance when required under the provisions of the State of New Jersey Workman’s Compensation Law. Such evidence of insurance shall be provided to MS as described in paragraph a.
    3. INDEMNITY: The LESSEE shall indemnify and hold harmless Raritan Valley Community College against any and all liability, penalties, damages, expenses and judgments by reason of any injury or claim of injury to person or property, of any nature and howsoever caused, arising out of the use, occupation and control of the leased premises, or the streets, alleys' and sidewalks adjacent thereto by the LESSEE at any time during the terms of the lease. The LESSEE is hereby subrogated to any rights of the COLLEGE against any other parties whomsoever, in connection therewith, the COLLEGE shall promptly notify the LESSEE of any claim asserted against the COLLEGE on account of such injury or claim of injury to persons or property and shall promptly deliver to the LESSEE the original or a true copy of any summons or other process, pleading or notice issued in any suit or other proceeding to assert or enforce any such claim. The LESSEE shall have the right to defend any such suit with attorneys of its own selection. The COLLEGE shall have the right, if it sees fit, to participate in such defense at its own expense.
  7. DAMAGE TO LESSEE’S PROPERTY: The COLLEGE will not be responsible for any damage or loss to LESSEE’S property, or that of the LESSEE’S agents, employees etc.
  8. CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation by the LESSEE, it shall be the responsibility of the LESSEE to make all reasonable public announcements, at LESSEE’S expense, concerning the cancellation as soon as possible following the cancellation, and including all area newspapers, radio and television stations.
  9. CANCELLATION FEE: If LESSEE should cancel for any reason, whichever is greater at the time of cancellation, the non-refundable deposit or the following cancellation fee schedule is due to the THEATRE:
    1. Cancellation within 30 days of event -- 10% of rental rate
    2. Cancellation within 20 days of event -- 25% of rental rate
    3. Cancellation within 10 days of event -- 50% of rental rate
    4. Cancellation within 5 days of event -- 100% of rental rate
  10. REIMBURSEMENT OF INCURRED COSTS: In addition, the LESSEE shall also be liable for any reimbursements to the THEATRE for THEATRE staff time expended in preparation for the canceled event and for any technical or office material used, and bank fees paid by the THEATRE for credit card ticket purchases.
  11. DAMAGE/CLEAN-UP RESPONSIBILITY: LESSEE shall be responsible for any and all damages to THEATRE premises caused by acts of LESSEE or LESSEE’S agents, employees, patrons, guests and artists whether accidental or otherwise. LESSEE further agrees to leave the THEATRE premises in the same condition as existed on the date LESSEE took possession, ordinary wear and use expected. Any additional charges incurred because of an unusual post-event clean-up will be borne by the LESSEE.
  12. PUBLIC SAFETY: The LESSEE shall neither encumber nor obstruct the sidewalk in front of, the entrance to, the halls, doorways, aisles or stairs of said premises, nor allow the same to be obstructed or encumbered in any manner. LESSEE further agrees not to bring onto the premises any material, substances, equipment, or object which is likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury to, any person on the premises or which is likely to constitute a hazard to property thereon without the prior approval of the THEATRE. The THEATRE shall have the right to refuse to allow any such material, substances, equipment, or object to be brought onto the premises and further right to require its immediate removal therefrom if found hereon.
  13. SUBLET/USE: LESSEE may not sublet any rented space(s) or in any way assign the rented space(s) to any other person or organization. LESSEE may not utilize the rented space(s) for any purpose other than that specified in the LEASE AGREEMENT.
  14. COPYRIGHTS: LESSEE will assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised or copyrighted music., materials devices, processes or dramatic rights used on or incorporated in the event. LESSEE agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless COLLEGE from any claims or costs, including legal fees, which might arise from question of use of any such material described above.
  15. SECURITY: COLLEGE Security has the right to determine how many officers will be on duty at an event and the cost will be borne by LESSEE.
  16. EVACUATION OF FACILITY: Should it become necessary in the judgment of the THEATRE or Security to evacuate the premises because of a bomb threat or for other reasons of public safety, the LESSEE will retain possession of the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of the scheduled activity without additional charge, providing such time does not encroach on that of THEATRE or another LESSEE. If, at the discretion of the MS, it is not possible to complete presentation of the activity, rental shall be forfeited, pro-rated, or adjusted at the discretion of MS, based on the situation, and the LESSEE hereby waives any claim for damages or compensation from the COLLEGE.

  17. INTERRUPTION OR TERMINATION OF SHOW: The THEATRE shall retain the right to cause the interruption of any performance in the interest of public safety, and to likewise cause the termination of such performance when in the sole judgment of THEATRE such act is necessary in the interest of public safety.

  18. SIGNED CONTRACT FOR ACT: LESSEE agrees to furnish the THEATRE, at the time of the signing of the LEASE AGREEMENT, a copy-of the signed contract between LESSEE and any ACT to be presented. Portions of this signed contract concerning financial arrangements between ACT and LESSEE may be excised.

  19. SCHEDULING: MS reserves the right not to accept a rental if requested date is less than four weeks away or if the Director feels the event is morally objectionable as dictated in the rules of the COLLEGE.



  1. Regardless of age, everyone entering the theatre must have a valid ticket.

  2. LESSEE TICKET REPRESENTATIVE: LESSEE will furnish the THEATRE the name, address and phone numbers of lessee’s TICKET REPRESENTATIVE, if different from LEASE AGREEMENT. TICKET REPRESENTATIVE will then be the sole person to deal with BOX OFFICE personnel of the THEATRE and be allowed to observe performance audits. TICKET REPRESENTATIVE will be near the BOX OFFICE to resolve last minute ticket problems from one hour before the performance through the first intermission.

  3. CHANGE OF TICKET REPRESENTATIVE: If LESSEE must change TICKET REPRESENTATIVE, THEATRE must receive written notification of the change not later than eight (24) hours prior to such change.

  4. TICKETS: The BOX OFFICE is computerized with the TicketMaker System and tickets are printed as issued. The THEATRE will charge a fee for every ticket printed. Pre-printed tickets are available by arrangement with BOX OFFICE. Patrons who wish to have tickets mailed to their home, will be assessed a handling/mailing charge.

  5. LESSEE’S ADVANCE SALES: The lessee’s records of advance sale of individual or series tickets must be made available to THEATRE BOX OFFICE at the time of public sale.

  6. TICKET BUILDING FORM: LESSEE agrees to complete and deliver to BOX OFFICE with a copy to the THEATRE, prior to first day of public ticket sales, the Ticket Building Form. All material printed on tickets will be drawn from this form and LESSEE is solely responsible for accuracy of that information. This form will include a short, accurate description of the performance. Such description should include length of acts or sections, synopsis of plot, specified musical works, some biographical information on artist(s), when intermissions occur, their approximate length, when show is to be over, any special sight line or acoustical variation, etc. or whatever in lessee’s judgment, a patron might typically wish to know about the event. In the case of the Welpe Theatre (a flexible space), seating capacity is determined by staging. A basic staging configuration will accompany the TICKET BUILDING FORM. Once tickets are on sale, this configuration will not change.

  7. BOX OFFICE ACCESS: Access to BOX OFFICE is restricted to authorized THEATRE personnel only.

  8. CUSTOMER CHECKS: THEATRE will attempt to secure identification from customers utilizing checks by recording a valid State driver's license identification number or a national credit account identification number prior to accepting checks. However, in all cases, whether identification was provided or not, the ultimate, responsibility for bad checks is that of the LESSEE.

  9. RECEIPTS: All receipts at BOX OFFICE will be immediately deposited in the COLLEGE account. Advance withdrawals will not be allowed. A final settlement shall be made to the LESSEE after the performance.

  10. PERFORMANCE AUDIT: Performance audit will be taken during performance immediately after closing of BOX OFFICE. Performance audits will be based on a computer sales report, unsold tickets and cash on hand. BOX OFFICE performance audit does not indicate attendance; for such information a torn ticket count will be made.

  11. SHOW AUDIT: Official "run of the show" audit will be presented by BOX OFFICE to LESSEE within 48 hours after the final performance and will include recapitulations of each performance audit.


    a)         Customers will be charged a $3.00/order convenience fee, except when ordering at the window. Tickets ordered up to one week prior to the performance/event date will be mailed. Tickets ordered within a week of the performance/event will be held for pick-up at the THEATRE BOX OFFICE.

    b)                 Credit cards are accepted by mail, phone or at the BOX OFFICE window. At the time of settlement, the THEATRE will deduct 5% of the total amount charged from LESSEE’s gross ticket income to compensate itself for charges incurred when accepting credit cards.

  13. BOX OFFICE HOURS: BOX OFFICE hours will be Monday through Friday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, on non-performance days; regular opening through first intermission on performance nights. In the case of Saturday or Sunday or morning performances, BOX OFFICE will be open one and one-half hours before show time. THEATRE will have sole authority to alter these hours for holidays or other reasons.

  14. DISCOUNT TICKETS: LESSEE must advise the BOX OFFICE MANAGER, in the TICKET BUILDING FORM, of its intention and plan to discount any tickets. Any sale discounted in a fashion not outlined previously, must carry the written approval of LESSEE which will include: (a) the precise amount of discount to be allowed and (b) the precise number of tickets to be discounted. All discounts will be reflected in the final settlement between the LESSEE and the THEATRE.

  15. GROUP SALES: The fee for the service of soliciting, handling and processing of group sales or theatre parties by the GROUP SALES COORDINATOR will be 15% of the total value of the tickets sold and will be deducted from the final settlement.

  16. REFUND OF TICKET REVENUE: THEATRE retains the right to make determination of ticket refunds for cause, in keeping with THEATRE procedure of retaining public faith. This shall include, but not be limited to, seats blocked by equipment when exchange for comparable or better location is not possible; failure of projection equipment, failure of an act to appear or go on stage within reasonable time of schedule provided by LESSEE.

  17. COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS/THEATRE: The THEATRE reserves the right to use, at its discretion, ten (10) complimentary tickets for each performance. The seat locations shall be:



  1. STAGE MANAGER: LESSEE agrees to furnish a qualified STAGE MANAGER to run the show from backstage or to accept the employment of such a STAGE MANAGER from the THEATRE. The THEATRE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR and/or ASSISTANT TECHNICAL DIRECTOR will be the sole person to make final backstage decisions.

  2. RVCC EQUIPMENT: THEATRE or COLLEGE staff will operate THEATRE or COLLEGE equipment.

  3. STAGEHANDS: The THEATRE reserves the right to supervise, through its TECHNICAL DIRECTOR and/or ASSISTANT TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, the services of all STAGEHANDS. This supervision includes the regulation of work and break times in accordance with COLLEGE work agreement. At least one stagehand must be present at all load in, rehearsal, show and load out times. LESSEE will accept, from the THEATRE, the employment of such STAGEHANDS as THEATRE deems appropriate.

  4. BROADCAST RIGHTS: THEATRE reserves all rights and privileges for outgoing radio and television broadcasts originating from the. THEATRE during the term of this LEASE AGREEMENT. Should THEATRE grant to LESSEE such privilege, THEATRE has the right to require pre-payment of any estimated related costs to THEATRE, and may also require payment for said privilege in addition to rental fee. Such permission must be obtained in writing in advance of broadcast date.

  5. RECORDINGS: LESSEE agrees that no recording, either visual or audio, of any kind will be made of the event covered by this LEASE AGREEMENT, without prior written approval from THEATRE. THEATRE has the right to require payment for said privilege.

    1. AVAILABILITY OF SPACE: Sets, costumes, and other materials belonging to the LESSEE delivered prior to contracted time will not be accepted by the THEATRE without prior written arrangements and additional charges to the LESSEE. The THEATRE makes no guarantee that space will be available to receive said materials.

    2. C.O.D.: The THEATRE will not accept any goods shipped to the THEATRE for the LESSEE, or for any person claiming to be acting for the LESSEE, if any sum is to be paid the carrier upon delivery thereof unless previously arranged, in writing, with THEATRE.

  7. TIME: Time shall be of the essence of this LEASE AGREEMENT and the time herein granted shall not be extended for the occupancy or use of the premises or for the installation or removal of equipment without the written permission of the THEATRE, and all such additional time shall be paid for according to the schedule of fees fixed by the THEATRE, if such permission is granted.

  8. EXTRA EQUIPMENT: The following equipment is available for additional charges:|
    1. Spotlights
    2. Grand Piano
    3. Upright Piano
    4. Dance Floor
    5. Special Risers
    6. Orchestra Shell

  9. LIGHTING: The THEATRE will provide a list of lighting instruments in-stock at the time of the LEASE AGREEMENT. Any additional instruments or equipment will be obtained at the lessee’s expense. lessee’s complete light plot will be provided to THEATRE no later than fifteen business days prior to the event. It will be hung by THEATRE’S stagehands. If the light plot does not arrive at the THEATRE by the required time, THEATRE reserves the right to hang a house plot, which LESSEE will then use for the purposes of the event. In any case, LESSEE will be charged hourly stagehand rate for labor.

  10. REHEARSALS: Rehearsals are to be scheduled at the time of the LEASE AGREEMENT. Standard rehearsals are charged by the day, rate to be negotiated with MS. Final dress rehearsals are considered to be a performance in terms of lighting, personnel, heat, air-conditioning, etc., and will be billed at the performance rate.



  1. HOUSE MANAGER: THEATRE agrees to furnish, at lessee’s expense, a qualified HOUSE MANAGER. HOUSE MANAGER will be the sole person in charge of front of house decisions from half-hour, until the public has left the building.

  2. USHERS: The THEATRE reserves the right to supervise, through its HOUSE MANAGER, the services of all ushers. This supervision includes the regulation of work and break times in accordance with COLLEGE work agreement. At least one usher will be present at any time the theatre is open to the public. LESSEE will accept, from the THEATRE, the employment of such USHERS as THEATRE deems appropriate. THEATRE may require LESSEE to employ up to one usher per 40 patrons in attendance.

  3. LESSEE REPRESENTATIVE: LESSEE will furnish to the THEATRE the name, address and phone numbers of the lessee’s REPRESENTATIVE. REPRESENTATIVE will then be the sole person authorized to make decisions or to negotiate with the THEATRE. This REPRESENTATIVE, who must be present at each performance, will then be the sole person to resolve problems and conflicts or to negotiate any alterations in performance procedure with the THEATRE or its HOUSE MANAGER.

  4. HOUSE OPENS: House will be opened to audience one-half hour prior to scheduled performance time, unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been made with and approved, in writing, by the THEATRE .

  5. SECURITY: All security arrangements will be made by the THEATRE, and will be billed to the LESSEE as a reimbursable. Firearms of any kind may not be carried, displayed, or used by any person, other than security personnel authorized by the THEATRE.

  6. BACKSTAGE ACCESS: For reasons of safety and security, THEATRE regulations prohibits non-production, personnel access to backstage areas unless arrangements are made with THEATRE.

  7. PUBLIC AREAS: LESSEE agrees to abide by the discretion of the HOUSE MANAGER concerning activities, dress, etc. of those persons .acting in behalf of LESSEE in public areas.

  8. STAFF RIGHT TO ENTRY: LESSEE will afford THEATRE personnel the right to enter any part of the THEATRE at any time if they are performing an official function of the THEATRE.

  9. FUTURE ATTRACTIONS: The THEATRE reserves the right to distribute to the audience announcements and literature concerning future attractions to be held in the THEATRE whether such attractions are under the auspices of the LESSEE or not.

  10. OPEN REHEARSALS: Any rehearsal at which more than 25 non-production personnel are in attendance will be considered a performance and an additional rental fee must be negotiated with the THEATRE. Attendees of open rehearsals are considered agents of LESSEE, and as such will abide by all pertinent rules and regulations.
  11. SEATING ON STAGE: The LESSEE will not permit or cause to permit seating on the stage, stage wings or in the aisles. The sole exception to this restriction is when the audience is a planned and integral part of the action.
  12. WHEELCHAIR SEATS: Reserved seat tickets for the benefit of patrons using wheelchairs are available. Accommodations for patrons using wheelchairs should be made with the THEATRE at the time of purchase.
  13. SMOKING: The COLLEGE is a smoke-free environment. LESSEE will not permit smoking in college buildings.
  14. FOOD/BEVERAGES FOR CAST: The LESSEE agrees that where food and beverages are required on premises for cast and/or crew the only areas where such food and beverages may be served, and/or consumed, is in the Green Room. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  15. LODGING FORBIDDEN: The LESSEE, or any person or persons claiming to be acting for the LESSEE, is prohibited from using the THEATRE as a sleeping or lodging accommodation.
  16. ANIMALS: LESSEE will not bring, keep or allow to be kept in the THEATRE, any animals. Upon written permission of the THEATRE , animals used in performance may be brought into the THEATRE only during rehearsal or performance.
  17. COLLECTIONS: No collections, donations, or solicitations of money or goods of any kind, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made or attempted on the THEATRE premises without first obtaining written permission of the COLLEGE. Such permission will not be unreasonably withheld.
  18. CONCESSIONS: The THEATRE reserves and retains to itself the right to operate, license or permit others to operate, during the period of this LEASE AGREEMENT, any and all concessions at or in the THEATRE. The THEATRE will determine which concessions will be in operation and which areas are, in its opinion, necessary for such concessions. No free samples of food, beverage or any product may be given away or otherwise distributed without prior written approval of the THEATRE. There is a charge of $500.00 if the Lessee requires the closure of the Concession area.
  19. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photographers for your event must be cleared by the THEATRE.
  20. LOBBY SALES: The LESSEE may sell items such as T-shirts, records, tapes, etc. Pertaining to the lessee’s performance, in the theatre lobby. The THEATRE will receive a commission of 20% based on gross sales.



  1. PLAYBILLS: LESSEE is required to prepare and distribute printed playbills or programs to the audience in order to insure that information regarding house operations and regulations is fully disseminated. Below is a copy of the THEATRE regulations. If a playbill/program is not provided LESSEE must provide and post a sign at the entrance listing these regulations.
    1. SMOKING is prohibited.
    2. LADIES' & GENTLEMEN’S LOUNGES are located in the rear of the auditorium on both levels.
    3. LOUNGES on the lower level are fully accessible.
    4. PATRONS expecting calls during performances should leave their names and seat locations with the BOX OFFICE and the BOX OFFICE phone number, (980)725-3420, with their telephone service.
    5. LOST ITEMS will be held in lost-and-found at the Business Office at (908)526-1200 X8267
    6. LATE COMERS will be seated at the discretion of the management.
    7. FOOD AND BEVERAGES may not be taken into the theatre.
    8. PLEASE NOTE: The use of recording equipment or the taking of photographs in the theatre during and after the performance is strictly forbidden. Equipment will be confiscated by the management.
    9. THEATRE OFFICES are located in the lobby and can be reached at Raritan Valley Community College, P.O. Box 3300, Somerville, NJ 08876-1265 or by calling (908)526-1200 X8267.
    10. RENTAL INQUIRIES should be directed to Management Services by calling (908)526-1200 X8818.
    11. FIRST AID: Contact nearest usher.
    12. EMERGENCY EXITS are indicated by exit signs. In the event of an emergency, please move calmly to the exit nearest your seat.
  2. PLAYBILL/PROGRAM DELIVERY: Playbills/programs must be bundled or boxed and delivered to the THEATRE, during regular business hours, at least eight hours before scheduled curtain time.
  3. PROMOTION/PUBLICITY: LESSEE agrees to withhold all publicity and promotion of lessee’s event until a copy of the artist’s/presentation’s contract/technical rider, and the Box Office Ticket Building Form have been returned to THEATRE and an on-sale date has been mutually agreed upon. Publicity and promotion prior to the on-sale date must indicate the on-sale date. Release of information prior to these conditions being met may result in additional charges for BOX OFFICE services.
  4. ADVERTISING: In all event advertising, LESSEE has the authority to use the THEATRE BOX OFFICE telephone number only when, in the judgment of the THEATRE, LESSEE has made available for advance sale a sufficient number of tickets, in all price categories, so that the BOX OFFICE can properly accommodate and satisfy the demands of the ticket-buying public. The THEATRE reserves the right to review and approve all advertising and announcement copy that relates to the use of the BOX OFFICE telephone number.
  5. CORRECT ADVERTISING COPY: The LESSEE agrees that all advertising, including, but not limited to, newspaper, radio, television, posters, heralds, flyers and brochures will contain the following information:
    1. LESSEE’S NAME: The true and correct name of the presenting agency or organization (Abbreviations are not acceptable)
    2. LESSOR’S NAME: The correct institutional name of the facility: either The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College or The Theatre at RVCC (Please note that Theatre is spelled r-e.)
    3. DISCLAIMER: The following disclaimer is required in all advertising in a type size no smaller than 10 point: This performance is an independent production and not affiliated with events sponsored by The Theatre at RVCC.
  6. PRIOR APPROVAL: All advertising copy for the event shall be submitted to the COLLEGE at least ten business days prior to publication or public distribution.

  7. POSTERS, PHOTOGRAPHS, ETC.: LESSEE will display posters, photographs, models, etc. in only such areas as are specified and using only such materials as are approved in advance by THEATRE. Materials will be a true representation of the event being offered. Further, LESSEE will not in any way mar, deface or injure theatre property in displaying any item.

  8. OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL: Should the show contain any materials that may be viewed by any segment of the community as being morally objectionable, the THEATRE reserves the right to require of the LESSEE inclusion in all advertising, a phrase acceptable to the THEATRE, that alerts the potential ticket buyer to the nature or theme of the material.
  9. DISPLAY OF OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL: The COLLEGE reserves the right not to display material it considers objectionable on COLLEGE premises.
  10. THEATRE ADVERTISING INFORMATION: The LESSEE shall be provided with, and is required to use, in any advertising, program covers, posters, heralds, or any other promotional materials information indicating the proper identification of the name, address and telephone numbers, of the THEATRE.
  11. COLLEGE reserves the right to distribute its own promotional materials to any audience in attendance at either theatre. This distribution will take place in a way that does not impede or interfere with LESSEE’s own distribution.
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