As engaging, if not more so, than multimillion dollar Hollywood extravaganzas.
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Live from WVL Radio Theatre
It’s a Wonderful Life

Tue., Dec. 5 at 2PM & 7PM
Tickets: 2PM $15; 7PM $20
It’s Christmas Eve in 1945, and only a handful of WVL Radio’s actors have braved the blizzard to perform that evening’s broadcast of It’s a Wonderful Life and keep the station afloat. A small but intrepid band of employees masterfully conquer multiple characters and create sound effects using everyday household items, while saving their radio station from a winter blizzard’s doom. This clever 1940s radio-style stage adaptation of Frank Capra’s heartwarming film classic breathes new life into the poignant story of George Bailey and Bedford Falls, a tale that remains as fresh and relevant as ever.
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