…these astonishing creatures… which are in reality our doubles, our secret brothers, sprung from a shadow within us…one learns more…than from the many laborious works on the human condition that are proposed to us by philosophers, psychoanalysts and psychologists.
Dernieres Nouvelles D’Alsace, Strasbourg, France
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Sandglass Theater
Fri., Oct. 20 at 7PM • Tickets: $20
Sat., Oct.. 21 at 3PM • Tickets: $15
In this new production, the fallen mythic civilization of Babylon becomes a metaphor for the destruction and destabilization that is leading much of the world into a refugee crisis of mythic proportion. Performed by five actors/singers/puppeteers, the puppets are seven refugees at a metaphorical hearing about their need for asylum. Their stories intertwine. In Babylon, the blending of actual testimony with unreal figures gives us a view into how we respond to the enormity of this crisis. Babylon also explores our own attention spans, how capable we are to stay interested in the duration of someone else’s journey – one that does not necessarily end with the arrival in a new land.
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