Kevin Spencer
Kevin Spencer offers a genuinely unique way to reach students, and particularly students at risk. DR. LEAH WASBURN-MOSES, ASSOC. PROF. OF SPECIAL ED., MIAMI OF OH
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Sensory-FriendlyKevin Spencer
Saturday, Apr. 1 at
Tickets: $10 General Admission
*60 min. Sensory-Friendly Performance.
Our friend and colleague, magician Kevin Spencer, was the artist who originally guided us toward presenting sensory-friendly events for kids with ASD and related conditions and their families. This season Kevin returns with his new, smaller magic show geared directly to that same audience. This performance will wrap up a week that Kevin will spend with us, spreading his arts-in-education approach, Hocus Focus, to kids, therapists, teachers and families. Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for further information on this week of activities.

A Conversation with Magician Turned Educator, Kevin Spencer Director of programming at RVCCArts, Alan Liddell, interviews magician Kevin Spencer about his recent choice to shelve his touring illusion show in order to concentrate solely on his arts therapy program Healing of Magic and his arts-in-education strategy Hocus Focus. The two also discuss how Hocus Focus has become a cornerstone and regular offering of the theatre’s community outreach effort and how Kevin’s current show fits into the RVCCArts’ sensory friendly offerings for individuals with autism or related conditions who experience heightened sensory sensitivity. (podcast link)

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