Broadway’s Next Hit Musical
At last! A musical of, for, and by the people…That's entertainment!
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Broadway’s Next Hit Musical
Saturday, Apr. 8 at 8PM
Tickets: $15 & $25
The Tony Awards meets Whose Line Is It Anyway? NYC's original, award-winning improvised musical comedy comes to Branchburg! Every song is fresh. Every scene is new. Every night is different. It’s all improvised and it’s all funny. Join the fun as master improvisers gather made-up hit song suggestions from the audience and create a spontaneous evening of music, humor and laughter. Cast your vote for favorite song, and watch the cast turn it into a full-blown improvised musical, complete with memorable characters, witty dialogue, and plot twists galore! Don’t miss the next great American musical—it could be written by you!
SHOW STARTER - Arrive fashionably early — that’s all you need to do to achieve A-list celebrity status at our theatre! Upon entering our lobby, the paparazzi will be in a frenzy! As you walk the red carpet at the Phony’s (it’s like the Tony’s but, you know, fake), you’ll be interviewed by a hilarious emcee extraordinaire.
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