One Funny Mother
[...]I totally talked myself out of coming to the show. Thank goodness my mom called and said "throw on some NORMAL clothes and let's go". You made me feel so "normal" about my mommy meltdowns, wine drinking, and all around craziness!! You were amazing!
Joanne, MA
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One Funny Mother: I’m Not Crazy
Dena Blizzard
Friday, Feb. 12 at 8PM
Tickets: $20 & $30
One Funny Mother is a comedy show about “losing it” after having kids. Most women want to hide their “crazy” from the world. This show encourages women to share their stories so the rest of us feel normal! Through stories, videos and stand-up, you’ll laugh your way through the true story of Dena Blizzard’s journey from Miss America to Motherhood. Dena has performed stand up all over the country since launching her career over 12 years ago. She has been featured in the NY Times and has performed at Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Stop at the Trop in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
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