The aptly named Comfort approaches the subject matter of her dances with gentle humor and nostalgia. Tiptoeing into areas where some might fear to tread — cosmetic surgery, a possibly comatose child — Comfort makes even Barbie a sympathetic character.
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Jane Comfort and Company
Friday, Feb. 5 at 7PM
Tickets: $20 & $30
Jane Comfort and Company creates dance theater works that push the intersection of movement and language to a new form of theater. Beauty is a provocative dance theater work exploring the American notion of female beauty. It frames the dialogue of the cultural pressures surrounding women’s physique, attire, and appearance around the quintessential image of American beauty: Barbie. Beauty includes a Barbie beauty contest and an intimate encounter between Barbie and Ken. During the course of the evening, we become acquainted with the performers as Barbie dolls, as contestants, as characters with beauty aspirations, and as the dancers behind all these personas.
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