Family Series

Recommended ages 8 and up, unless otherwise noted ● Tickets: $25


Danny, King of the Basement
Roseneath Theatre
Friday, Oct. 28 at 7PM

Danny and his mom are constantly on the move, struggling to evade homelessness and overcome poverty. Despite the adversity he faces, Danny inspires all he meets with his positivity, generosity, and humor.

The Shape of a Girl
Green Thumb Theatre
Friday, Dec. 2 at 7PM
recommended ages 11 & up

Braidie has seen some shocking behavior from her peers. For years her best friend has inflicted cruel and painful harassment on another classmate. If Braidie stands by and lets it happen, is she guilty too?

Saturday, Feb. 11 at 2 & 7PM
recommended for the whole family
Outrageous zaniness and a blizzard of unrestrained laughter that never ends! The three former stars of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria juggle, stilt-walk and pratfall their way through paper pandemonium.

Visible Fictions
Friday, Apr. 20 at 7PM
A mysterious figure has come to town. A flurry of cape, a glint of sword and a flash of mask; who is this baffling character? Exciting friend or formidable foe?

Mur-Mur (The Wall)
DynamO Theatre
Friday, May 18 at 7PM
Mur-Mur speaks of friendship among two teenage couples and a pesky, incorrigible younger brother. With humor and innocence, these five characters are swept up in an air-bound acrobatic ballet.